Spirit Rescue Medium
Diana Palm 

Medium, Author and Spiritual Healer



Spiritual Healing involves an intuitive reading, mediumship, spiritual clearing and energy balancing. Diana will connect with your energy and be able to see/hear/feel/know what it is that you need to heal and how to do it.  She does this by listening to your soul and working with your guides to help you find balance and alignment with your highest self.  As a result, you will experience more peace and joy.

During a Private Session, Diana can help you discover what your life purpose is and how to fulfill your unique destiny.  She can help you to heal any issues that seem to prevent you from manifesting the life you want by releasing limiting beliefs, trauma and grief.  Often, physical healings take place once the emotional, mental and spiritual issues are resolved. 

Diana has found that loved ones in spirit often accompany clients to a private session, especially when healing is needed for either party.  The focus of a session is always to restore peace and health through healing the living and those that have passed, while bringing forward messages of love.  Diana specializes in Spirit Rescue and speaks publicly about the Afterlife.

Each session may be different as Diana is guided to work in the most beneficial way for each client. 


Diana works with clients around the world and is available for Private Sessions by Phone.

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To learn more about Diana and her work with the spirit world, read Setting Spirits Free,

Clear Negative Energy & Help Ghosts Cross Over.  

Setting Spirits Free

Discover how to send noisy, energy-draining spirits into the healing light.  With this demystifying and engaging guide, you'll understand everything about the spirit world and how to clear unwanted hauntings from your life. 

Through meditation practice and simple instructions, learn how to alter your brain wave frequency in order to safely clear unwelcome energies.  Author Diana Palm recounts her own paranormal encounters, providing an up-close look at a wide range of hauntings, lost souls, loved ones in spirit, possessed vehicles and objects, spirits in disguise, demons and more.  Distinguish ghost imprints from intelligent spirits, protect yourself from spiritual attack and possession and use ThetaHealing® to put ghosts at rest.  Setting Spirits Free also features information on energy vortices, environmental causes of hauntings, paranormal investigation equipment, and tools for spirit communication.

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