Medium, Author and Spiritual Healer



Diana was born in Southern California and she spent her youth visiting haunted ghost towns.  Those experiences peeked her curiosity about the spirit world and enhanced her natural psychic and mediumship abilities.  She was born with intuitive gifts for knowing what people were thinking and feeling and what was causing their illness.  At age 10 Diana moved to Stillwater, Minnesota where her abilities continued to grow.  Living in a historic town allowed her to hear and see spirits more often.    

In 1995 Diana traveled to Medjugorje Bosnia as a spiritual pilgrim and had the opportunity to work with a special healing priest who taught her how to do spiritual healing. He taught her how to clear negative entities from people that were seeking a healing.  He explained that there weren't enough healing priests to go around and that some of the spiritual pilgrims would be called to heal.  Diana knew at that moment that it was her calling. 

Diana studied many healing modalities at the same time as learning firsthand about the spirit world through the many "haunted houses" she lived in.  (Most noted haunted house experience was written about on the front page of the St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper dated Oct. 31, 2004.  The story was also included in the book Haunted Minnesota written by Hugh Bishop).  Diana established a working relationship with the Minnesota Paranormal Investigators Group after they produced physical evidence of the hauntings present in her home.  This began her work as a paranormal investigator and afterlife researcher.  Diana has lived in many "haunted houses" using her discernment to visit with spirits while crossing over ghosts and unhealed energies tied to the property.  (Read about the Haunted Hanson House, a victorian mansion that Diana and her family lived in.)  Fate Magazine #726

Diana has traveled extensively to study supernatural phenomenon prevalent at vortices, sacred sites and holy lands.  Among her favorite is the Burlington Vortex located in Wisconsin.  She studied Mediumship at the World Renown Arthur Findlay College in England.  However, she credits ThetaHealing® for helping her to merge all of her healing techniques most effectively while giving her the tools to teach the modality to others.  Her work as a medical intuitive was enhanced through her in depth studies of Intuitive Anatomy and Disease and Disorder taken at the Think Institute.  Diana is also certified through the Think Institute in Basic DNA 1 & 2 ThetaHealing, Advanced, Manifesting and Abundance, The Game of Life, Plant Communication, Animal Communication, World Relations and DNA 3.  She has certifications in Crystal Layout for Deep Past Life healing work as well.  Diana has worked with paranormal investigation groups around the world and been the guest speaker at many events, radio programs and conferences.  She founded an organization called Afterlife Research Society(ARS)  to explore techniques and technology that help document the existence of soul survival. 

Diana's special skill set blends clairvoyance and mediumship together with channeling and spiritual healing.  She specializes in belief work to help people shift their paradigm and reawaken their co-creative abilities.  If you have things you want to change in your life, Diana can help you.  



"Healing affects your personal frequency by increasing your spiritual vibration.  Raising your frequency supports self-healing and brings more joy into your life.  As you heal your mind, body and soul, it will become easier for you to access the spirit world; strengthening your connection to God, Angels, Spirit Guides and Ancestors."   Diana Palm