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Creating Space for Love group healing workshop is designed to help you heal your heart and all relationship issues held within the heart. When a relationship ends through divorce, separation or even death, there are often unhealed emotions that can prevent love from finding you. Diana combines her experience as a spiritual healer and medical intuitive to spiritually see what is holding love at bay. You will discover some common beliefs that you carry in your subconscious that actually form the very nature of your relationship experiences. Other limiting beliefs are carried deep within the DNA and were handed to you by your ancestors. Diana will clear beliefs that no longer serve you, clear energetic ties to past relationships, help you discover the lessons from your relationship, release unhealed emotions such as anger, abandonment and resentment, while instilling the ability to forgive. You will also receive new feeling downloads and a heart healing which prepare you to experience love in a new and more authentic way. If you have been the giver of love and have felt that your relationships are one sided, without being able to receive and accept love, this workshop will help you change that dynamic.

(Price is per person with minimum attendees required)

    $150 Each


Includes 4 (1:1) Private Sessions  

Heal deeply held wounds and unhealthy patterns so that your heart can be filled with LOVE again!  How many experiences over the years contributed to your blocks, limits in unhealthy or hurtful relationship patterns?  What would your life look like and feel like if you released the past paradigm and instead, accepted healthy, vital feelings surrounding love and relationships?  When you commit to 4 (1:1) Private Sessions, you will experience tremendous life transformations regarding how much you love yourself, your ability to feel peace, attract love and live your life with enthusiasm and inspiration!

Clients have experienced rapid fire romance, solid soul mate connections, rekindling of current partnerships as well as a deepening of self love.

If you are serious about healing and changing your life then this package is for you!

Upon completing this program you will be invited to join our private FB group to meet others like you, who have accomplished self love and are ready to share it with others.

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4 Ways to Experience the Creating Space for Love Healing!!!

It's easy to find one that works best for you!

Let's Heal Your Heart!

Includes Meet and Greet by skype + 4 (1:1) Private Sessions

Creating Space for Love Couple's Healing Package is a very unique healing program for people who want to achieve a higher vibration of love within their relationship and is beneficial for new couples as well as long term partners.  As people go through life, the energy that initially brought them together fades.  They may even settle into the mindset that this is normal or expected.  They may feel that their relationship is not a priority as their lives together become defined by their family, jobs and lifestyle.  Do you know what to do when the spark goes out?  Do you know how to rekindle love in its purest form to increase desire, attraction and healing within the relationship?  Would you like to go deeper into love than ever before and find out the real potential of your relationship? 

This healing program is designed to help couples achieve a higher spiritual vibration together so that they may move past the past, heal the wounds and grow in love.

Find out how this intuitive healing program can benefit you and your partner as you Create Space for Love together.




Includes 1 (1:1) Private Session  

One Private Session can help you become aware of your own subconscious patterns in life and in relationships so that you can shift the way you interact with others.  Reclaim soul fragments that you have given away in previous relationships, clear energetic ties that hold you to the past and clarify the soul lessons you have been learning so that you can move forward with ease.  Includes heart healing.