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Valley Bookseller, Stillwater Minnesota

June 24th @ 2:00***


~Creating Space For Love~

Group Healing Event

Is your life filled with passion and love?

Are your relationships inspiring, fun and meaningful? 

Have you ended a relationship that has left you feeling wounded, betrayed, resentful and abandoned?

This powerful group healing workshop will help you release the energy patterns of any previous (or existing) relationship so that you can experience love in a new way.  Find out how your relationships served you while healing the belief systems created through them that still limit you.  Receive new feeling downloads that prepare you for NEW love, including a powerful heart healing.

Sunday, July 9 (10-3)


12811 Norell Rd. South

Hastings, Minnesota



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Money Magnet - Workshop

Would you like more money??

Come and find out how you have given your power away to money, situations, bosses, spouses, parents and old outdated belief systems.  Intuitive healing to clear vows of poverty and improve subconscious beliefs about money.  Raise your financial thermostat to increase your wealth and worthiness to not only attract but also keep abundance.  This workshop is fun and empowering as everyone leaves with financial "updates" to their belief system about money.  

(7pm - 9pm)


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 Proof of the Afterlife Weekend Events

(Minimum guest pre-registration required)

Proof of the Afterlife, Diana Palm

 Proof of the Afterlife Presentation

Have you ever wondered what happens after we die?  Is the spiritual world real?  And if it is, what exists there? 

In this engaging presentation, Diana will share what she has learned about the afterlife based on 20+ years of working with the spirit world and everything that she has encountered there.  Diana has a way of helping people understand how to discern energy while empowering them to clear negative entities without fear or drama.  She will explain the difference between a spirit and a ghost and how to tell if your loved ones have completed their journey to heaven.  Throughout the presentation, Diana will share real evidence of soul survival by providing spirit photos and EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon).  She will share one of a kind photos of angels, fairies and interdimensional beings.


(10 Person Minimum)

Center of Eternal Light, Presentation, Proof of the Afterlife, Diana Palm

Spirit Connections

2 Day Workshop

During these two days, you will learn how to work with the spirit world and become YOUR own medium.  You will be taught the basic skills to connect with the spirit world along with how to navigate through the many spirits that exist there.  You will learn how to Cross Over Ghosts and Clear Negative Entities.  You will also learn many tips, techniques and tricks to help you connect with your loved ones in spirit.  Diana's vast knowledge began in 1995 when a Catholic priest taught her to heal people and how to clear negative entities causing illness.  She further increased her abilities through her work as a a certified ThetaHealer.  She believes that connecting with spirit is a divine gift that we all share as humans and will help you to re-discover ways to open up and become receptive to the subtle energy of the spirit world.


Special Offer $299

(10 Person Minimum)

Scrying, Diana Palm

 A Night of Scrying

This special event will enable you to see spiritually.  Once you learn how easy it is to see with your spiritual eyes, you will be able to use your divine vision for many things.  This hands on class will teach you to raise your energy and focus to "lift the veil" between worlds.  The focus of this class will be to see Past Life images, a full representation of all the personalities that a soul has been.  Once you have mastered this ability, it may be used to see spirit guides, guardian angels and loved ones in spirit.  Come with an open mind and heart and you will be amazed!


(10 Person Minimum)



                          Diana is always happy to sign books so bring your copy along or purchase one there!

                                                                      ~With Love and Gratitude~


Setting Spirits Free, Diana Palm 

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Come see Diana in person at Valley Booksellers in Stillwater

June 24th @ 2:00

Diana will be answering your quesions about the afterlife and sharing personal experiences in working with the spirit world.  Bring your book to be signed or purchase one on site!

Valley Bookseller
217 N. Main St.
Stillwater, MN. 55082 

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