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Creating Space for Love

Creating Space for Love is Diana's signature series that has helped thousands of people heal from their painful past and attract the love they deserve!  The focused 1:1 package will eliminate unhealthy patterns in relationships so that your heart can be free to feel and express love the way it was meant to.   Also available for Group Healing Events and Couples!

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The Spirit World

As a medium, Diana has the ability to connect with the spirit world along with the ability to see spirits and discern energy.  She teaches people how to safely connect with loved ones in heaven as well as how to cross over ghosts and clear negative entities.   Educating people about the spirit world has led her to teach paranormal investation groups and healers around the world.  Develop your own skills to see spiritually, and connect with the other side. 

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If you are interested in upleveling your position in life, the prosperity package offers focused 1:1 coaching with belief work to address the reasons you hold yourself back.  This is highly effective for people in spiritual businesses, the arts, sales, solopreneurship and the corporate world.  

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Diana is a certified instructor of ThetaHealing® and the THInK Institute.  She offers the following certification classes:  Basic DNA 1 & 2, Advanced ThetaHealing®, Manifesting and Abundance and Dig Deeper.

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