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~ Grief Healing Package ~

9 Weeks to Heal your Soul!

  Diana designed this 1:1 soulful healing package to help survivors through the process of grief. 

It includes healing unresolved emotional and spiritual issues, reconnecting with your loved one in spirit

and gaining clarity and purpose about the future with specific DNA healing created for your individual needs.

Step 1 is the most important step and is available as soon as 2 weeks following your loss.


Private Session

Step 1

Ensure that your loved one has crossed over by booking this private session.  Diana will provide healing for your loved one, especially in cases of traumatic or untimely death and suicide or drug or alcohol related passing.  She will help your loved one complete their life lessons, release soul fragments that can keep them stuck and help you communicate with them.  

            Private Session

   Healing Grief

Step 2

Following your private session to check on your loved one, cross them over (if needed) and help you communicate with them, you are ready to work through your own unresolved emotions of loss.  This package includes 4 private sessions to clear trauma, feelings of loss, abandonment, anger, fear and other blocks to you moving forward in life.  Diana will instill feelings that will help you create a new life plan following your loss.

         4 Private Sessions
              Save $100

Creating Space for Love 

Step 3

After completing the private session and healing grief sessions, you are eligible to take the Creating Space for Love package.  This is where you resolve old patterns in relationships and prepare energetically, emotionally and spiritually for new love and a fresh start.  These 4 private healing sessions will help you open your heart to someone new but first, you must open your heart to yourself.  When you complete the Creating Space for Love package, you will be invited to join our private Facebook group to meet others who have accomplished self love and are ready to share it with others.  More information

     4 Private Sessions                                             
            Save $100


If you would like spiritual support to help you through the grief process and would like to commit to the entire
Grief Healing Program here's what you will receive:
1 Private Session to check on your loved one and heal any unresolved issues  
4 Healing Grief sessions to heal the energy of grief, the impact it has on the physical body and related spiritual issues 
4 Creating Space for Love sessions that will help rebuild your emotional system and life.
I am committed to seeing you through this difficult time and helping you restore your life purpose and passion for living!

($2673 value)
Save $473

As you work through these pivotal steps to spiritually healing grief,

you may purchase additional grief healing packages prior to moving forward to step 3.