Soul Healing

Medium, Author and Spiritual Healer


2 Day Mediumship Class

Become your own medium!

Yes, you can develop your own natural abilities as a medium.  

This 2 Day class is designed with 8 different lessons to help you acheive a connection with the spirit world and improve your ability to work as a medium.  (All levels welcome!)

Diana shares her expertise and training to help you become the best medium you can be.  Lessons include learning the difference between mental and physical mediumship, how to prepare yourself and your space to be of service to clients, sitting for names, calling in spirit guides and angels to assist you, learning about the brainwaves and how the effect your abilities, clearing energy and crossing over ghosts, visualization techniques, practicle tools to aid your meditations, connecting to spirit through photos and other tools.  

This class will really enhance your abilities and self confidence with your mediumship.  Even if you have never attempted mediumship before, you can become your own medium!  Reconnect with loved ones and help others do the same!

$299 (limited time offer)