Medium, Author and Spiritual Healer


Connect with Loved Ones

Private Session to connect with loved ones. 

Diana can connect with your loved ones to provide healing and messages of love.  Often times, the living loved ones have a difficult time moving out of grief because they feel there is unfinished business and things left unsaid.  Diana blends her abilities as a medium with her spiritual healing abilities so that you can find peace with any unresolved issues.  Knowing that your loved one is okay and that they watch over you still can help you move forward and embrace life again. 


2 Day Mediumship Class 

You will learn 8 different lessons to help you connect directly with the spirit world and become your own medium.  Diana shares her expertise and training so that you can be the best medium you can be.  You will learn new visualization techniques, practical tools & meditations to develop or enhance your mediumship abilities.  All levels welcome.  

  • Learn the difference between mental and physical mediumship
  • How to prepare yourself and space to be of service
  • Sitting for Names and getting evidence from spirit
  • Learn the Spirit Guides and Angels that assist you with mediumship
  • Brainwaves and Mediumship - using different techniques & visualizations
  • Clearing Energy & Crossing Over
  • Connecting through a Photograph and learning how you recieve information from spirit
  • Learn how to do a Group Demonstration 



Proof of the Afterlife Weekend

  • Presentation of Proof of the Afterlife
  • 2 Day Mediumship Class
  • Night of Scrying

In this Proof of the Afterlife Weekend, Diana will share her first hand experiences of the spirit world with authentic spirit photos and EVP's collected from her years of working as a paranormal investigator and researcher.   You will learn the difference between a spirit and a ghost and see for yourself that the spirit world is real.  The 2 Day Mediumship class follows, with 8 different lessons so that you may learn how to connect directly with your loved ones in spirit.  Class is followed by the Night of Scrying where you learn the ancient art of mediumship scrying as discussed in Diana's book Mediumship Scrying and Transfiguration for Beginners.  (10 person minimum to travel)




Night of Scrying

Have you always wanted to see spiritually?  In the Night of Scrying you will learn the ancient art of mediumship scrying so that you can see spirits with your physical eyes.  Scrying is typically associated with mirrors and tea leaves but this technique will show you how to actually see spirits.  (10 person minimum)



House Clearing

Are you experiencing a haunting and want to bring peace and healing to your environment?  Diana will connect with you remotely to facilitate a healing by clearing negative, unhealed or troublesome entities.  She will lovingly send spirits to the light and provide healing for families, homes and land.


Online Courses Coming Soon!




"I am so grateful to have met Diana!  Her mediumship skills are a cut above the rest.  I am not a stranger to the spirit world and had yet, until Diana, to meet an individual with the ability to help spirits cross over in such a quick and effective manner.  Her strong intuitive abilities allow her to quickly address the need in the situation--whether it be someone's loved one communicating a message, or a spirit in need of going to the Light.  I recommend her mediumship ability and recommend her."

Skylee Jarvinen, Wisconsin