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private mediumship session

Private Mediumship Session

Diana can connect with your loved ones to provide healing and messages of love.  Often times, the living loved ones have a difficult time moving out of grief because they feel there is unfinished business and things left unsaid.  Diana blends her abilities as a medium with her spiritual healing abilities so that you can find peace with any unresolved issues.  Knowing that your loved one is okay and that they watch over you still can help you move forward and embrace life again.


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Night of Scrying

Have you always wanted to see spiritually?  Did you know that this skill could be developed?  In the Night of Scrying you will learn the Ancient Art of Mediumship Scrying so that you can see spirits with your physical eyes.  Scrying is typically associated with mirrors and tea leaves but this technique will show you how to actually see spirits, past lives and loved ones.  Available in Twin Cities Metro.  (Each additional person is $45 each).

($45 each/6 person minimum required to book)




2 Day Mediumship Class - MAY 20 & 21 (2019) 10-5

Diana has been working first hand with the spirit world her entire life and learned mediumship skills and techniques from around the world.  In this amazing 2 Day Class, you will learn 8 different lessons to help you connect directly with the spirit world and become your own medium.  Diana shares her expertise and training so that you can be the best medium you can be.  All levels welcome. Tuition $400 (deposit $100 to register/$300 balance due at class)  

  • Learn the difference between mental and physical mediumship
  • How to prepare yourself and space for mediumship
  • Sitting for Names and getting evidence
  • Learn the Spirit Guides and Angels that assist you with mediumship
  • Brainwaves and Mediumship - using different techniques & visualizations
  • Clearing Energy & Crossing Over
  • Connecting through a Photograph
  • Learn your most developed sense for spirit communication
  • Learn how to do a Group Demonstration


           $100 Deposit


     - Or pay full tuition -




Clearing Hauntings

Help for haunted people, houses, buildings, land, and vehicles.  Are you experiencing a haunting and want to restore the peace and healing to your environment?  Diana will connect with you remotely to facilitate a healing by clearing negative, unhealed or troublesome entities.  She will lovingly send earthbound spirits to the light and provide energetic healing for people affected.  Diana reserves the right to charge fees based on size of location and complexity of haunting.  Most properties are cleared with only one session, although at times, several may be necessary.



paranormal spiritual training


Diana trains Paranormal Investigation teams to work on a spiritual level so that they get more accurate results, stay safe during investigations and are able to effectively clear hauntings.  She teaches discernment and the ability to clear negative entities as well as ghosts, portals, spells and curses.  During this class you will receive the DNA activation so that you can tap into more of your intuitive abilities.  You also receive spiritual healing so that you are less likely to attract spiritual attachments and can work with more clarity in an active haunted environment.  This class is BASIC DNA 1 & 2 of ThetaHealing® and will give you and your team a more competitive edge while working in the paranormal.

Tuition $500 ($100 Deposit to register/$400 balance due at class)

           Deposit $100 




"I am so grateful to have met Diana!  Her mediumship skills are a cut above the rest.  I am not a stranger to the spirit world and had yet, until Diana, to meet an individual with the ability to help spirits cross over in such a quick and effective manner.  Her strong intuitive abilities allow her to quickly address the need in the situation--whether it be someone's loved one communicating a message, or a spirit in need of going to the Light.  I recommend her mediumship ability and recommend her."

Skylee Jarvinen, Wisconsin

"Am writing to show my personal and family support/faith/trust in the services of Diana Palm!

She is often referred by other mediums when they run out of horsepower to deal with and address -> stuck spirits. These spirits can and do get trapped here around our personal spaces(homes), post leaving the body.  Diana was able to quickly see & identify the spirits and transition them to the other side -> easily/happily. She takes genuine and kindly care to help/guide/send these souls HOME, where Creator can love/heal them, as only he can.

Now lets talk about her skills with dark spirits that happen to be here and are often engaged in the invisible war between Light and Dark. A home that we had bought, where hoarders had lived in, and nasty stuff had happened in, was trapped a Godzilla sized dark spirit. It would make people sick and tended to harm elderly females. After doing research only one name was at the top of the list -> Diana Palm. During our session she was able to guide/release a stuck spirit from the physical home to its rightful HOME (Heaven). This stuck spirit was a sweet elderly lady who had long lived in the home prior, and was at the home seeking to protect others from the harm of the dark spirit. She was/is the home’s Guardian of the Light. Now regarding that dark spirit, Diana called in an Angelic Air Strike that would have made General Patton PROUD. Truly Heaven’s Gates were open and sounds of battle could be heard from Minnesota to Ohio as the dark spirit was removed.

This spiritually/physically damaged home is now a Sanctuary for the sick/weak/senior of our clan. Everyone who comes to visit the home remarks on the loving/beautiful energy it shines with! My MIL can’t rave enough over it (she lives there now)?. Diana is a rare person who has the skill and power to guide our collective Troops of the Light to sanctify a living space leaving it clean/aligned/blessed/protected.

Without her help/support/services my family would be living a much harder life struggling on the battlefields of the Invisible War without having the benefits of the General (Diana) on our side to help guide Creators Troops. She is forever in our prayers for the great gifts she has helped to provide for myself and our entire family."

Paul Zarlengo

“Scrying with Diana - an Unforgettable Experience!   Diana is a Gifted Intuitive, and an Amazing Teacher.  Wow! - I highly recommend.”

-Barbie K.

“I went my first scrying session with Dianna because my wife asked if I’d like to go with her. I wasn’t sure what to expect but went into it open-minded. I was honestly blown away by it. I saw more and experienced some amazing spiritual energies. This is something I will do again, and I highly recommend it. Dianna has amazing documentation of this process, but is gifted in so many ways. Go see her.”

-Wayne K.