Soul Healing

Medium, Author and Spiritual Healer

~Night of Scrying~
Group Healing Event

Have you always wanted to see spiritually?

Diana shares her experiences taught in her book Mediumship Scrying & Transfiguration for Beginners and teaches you how to see spiritually.  Scrying is an ancient art that can be achieved through cloud scrying, tea leaf reading, fire, water, oil, magic mirrors and more.  Mediumship scrying uses the same technique but with the added dimension of seeing spirits.  You will be guided to connect with spirit in a safe and enlightening way that will increase your own spiritual sight.  

Have you longed to reconnect with loved ones in spirit or always wanted to see a ghost?  

This simple to teach technique will show you how to hold your concentration, build energy, and see through the veil.  Often times, the first images seen are past life personalities.  As the energy builds and your vision improves, expect to see other spiritual beings, including loved ones.  


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