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~Proof of Afterlife Weekend~

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Proof of Afterlife

In this engaging Afterlife Presentation, Diana will share what she has learned in 25+ years of working with the spirit world and everything that she has encountered there.  Diana has a gift for helping people understand how to discern energy while empowering them to clear negative entities without fear or drama. She will explain the difference between a spirit and a ghost and how to tell if your loved ones have completed their journey to heaven.  Through out the presentation, Diana will share real evidence of soul survival by providing spirit photos and EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon).  She will share one of a kind photos of angels, fairies and interdimensional beings.  


2 Day Mediumship Class

During this 2 day Mediumship Class you will learn how to work with the spirit world and become your own medium.  You will be taught how to connect with the spirit world along with how to navigate through the many spirits that exist there.  You will learn how to cross over ghosts and clear negative entities.  There are 8 different lessons providing you with tips, tricks and techniques to help you connect with your loved ones in spirit.  Every level of medium is welcome... from beginner to advanced.  Even seasoned mediums gain additional skills from taking this remarkable class.  If you have ever wanted to learn more about the spirit world, connect with loved ones or cross over ghosts, this class is for you.



A Night of Scrying

During the Night of Scrying you will learn the ancient art of scrying as taught in Diana's most recent release Mediumship Scrying & Transfiguration.  Once you learn how to see spiritually, you will be able to use your divine vision for many things.  This hands on workshop will teach you how to increase your energy so that you can "see" through the veil to peer into the spirit world.  The focus of this class is to show you how you can see past life images (a full representation of all the personalities that your soul has ever been.  Once you have mastered this ability, you will be able to see spirit guides, guardian angels and loved ones in spirit.  Come with an open mind and heart and you will be amazed.