The Spiritual Anatomy Divination Cards & Guidebook are a very unique tool to help you access hidden information in your life. Physical ailments are often brought on by emotional or spiritual issues that seem unrelated. Using these cards will assist you in your inner journey toward better health by integrating the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.

The one of a kind images were painted exclusively for this inspired deck by Spirit Artist Loni Palm. Loni was only 19 years old when she began the process of painting each image and the project took two years to complete. Each of the 54 cards are infused with healing attributes and include a detailed explanation in the accompanying Guidebook.

The interpretation of the cards will provide a fresh new way of looking at a situation and also provide guidance on how to move forward. Diana has combined her many years of expertise in working as a medical intuitive and medium to prepare this resource for you. Using the cards and guidebook in your daily life will enhance your intuitive skills and increase your awareness of how the human anatomy is affected by spiritual and emotional issues. You will also be given guidance to assist your healing on all levels.

Clients have said that they use the cards to self educate and improve their ability to connect Mind-Body-Spirit healing. The cards will introduce you to the hidden world of spirit and allow you to access knowledge and wisdom from the spirit realm. You may choose to use these cards for self-guidance or read them for others.
These cards are not mass produced and only a limited supply are available.
Please order direct and allow ample time for shipping.
Will be mailed to paypal address on file.

$99.00 + $10.00 shipping

"Magical, Inspiring and Healing."

"I've had the honor of having the spiritual anatomy divination cards. Diana and Loni have a very close connection with spirit. The cards are beautiful and spot on. I've shared the cards with family and friends and have always been amazed how accurate they are. Diana and Loni have a very beautiful energy together and it shows in their cards."  

- Jody Chiconis Swenson
Advanced ThetaHealing®, Massage Therapist, Crystal Layout


"Fab new deck Spiritual Anatomy Cards.  I love them and so do my clients - they are very powerful and precise, highly recommended."

- Jane Dawson
Medium, Author, Teacher and Transformation Expert, UK

Made for you with love from mother & daughter mediums

Diana Palm and Loni Palm

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