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Spiritual Anatomy Divination Cards


The Spiritual Anatomy Divination Card deck is designed to help the seeker to go within and discover ways to enrich their life through better health and increased joy.  These cards will integrate the Mind-Body-Spirit connection in a fascinating new way that will enhance your approach to life.  There may be an unhealed issue that needs to be resolved before one can embrace more wholeness.  The interpretation of the cards found in the guidebook may present a fresh new way of looking at a situation and also provide guidance on how to move forward.  Healing on all levels helps to create a more beneficial life.  These cards are best used following a brief meditation when the seeker has clear intention about their life and current situation.  You may choose to use these cards for self-guidance or read them for others.
"Magical, Inspiring and Healing"
Spiritual Anatomy
Guide Book

Diana Palm, author of Spiritual Anatomy Divination Cards guide book shares insights from her many years of study with mind-body medicine and intuitive work with clients. Using the cards and book together will enhance you're understanding of how the body creates imbalances and illness and how to bring healing to all levels.  Many intuitive healers use this set in combination with a variety of healing methods.  A favorite of oracle card users and novices alike, you are sure to find these cards engaging and uplifting.
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Divination Cards

Spirit Artist, Loni Palm created these unique divination cards from her own imagination.  Each image was a full size painting before being formatted for the Spiritual Anatomy Divination Card Deck.  Each of the 54 cards tells it's own story that can be interpreted by the reader with or without the guidebook.  Using the guidebook along with your intuitive impressions will deepen your own understanding of the energetic and emotional body.  Loni meditated prior to each painting and infused each card with healing attributes.

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 The ebook has full color images with the intuitive guidance on each page.  Download and save in your ibooks library to have it available at all times. Share it with your friiends or use for daily guidance from any location. The ebook may be used to select pages randomly, just as you would select a physical card for a reading. 

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"I've had the honor of having the spiritual anatomy divination cards. Diana and Loni have a very close connection with spirit. The cards are beautiful and spot on. I've shared the cards with family and friends and have always been amazed how accurate they are. Diana and Loni have a very beautiful energy together and it shows in their cards."  

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Brought to you with love from mother & daughter Diana Palm and Loni Palm