Diana is a certified instructor of ThetaHealing® and offers Basic DNA 1&2, Advanced, Dig Deeper and Manifesting and Abundance certification courses.  Classes are offered in Stillwater, Minnesota throughout the year and are available around the world with a minimum number of students.  Check on availability and requirements to schedule classes out of the area.






“I am so excited about what I learned in this class.  It literally changed my life immediately.  I have taken classes in Reiki, Soul Trauma Healing, Numerology and none have compared to the results I am getting with this class.  Just this morning I woke up with an awful headache.  I did the theta healing technique and fell back to sleep for a few hours.  I woke up, not only headache free but with a spring in my step. Everyone at work was commenting on how exuberant I was.
Diana was a wonderful teacher.  Her gentle approach, her humor and her examples all helped to make the class enjoyable and memorable.  She is so knowledgeable and gifted. I am already signing up for her next class."

- Kimberly Tibbets, Massachusetts

"I am so grateful to have been able to take classes from Diana Palm.  I heard about her years ago and was so excited when she came to my town of Cape Coral, Florida.  When I started taking some of her classes I was just amazed at her very special gifts of knowledge.  She had answers that made sense to so many questions I've never had answers to.  Diana's upbeat personality is contagious, being someone you instantly feel comfortable and attracted to.  After taking several classes from Diana I knew I wanted to take her ThetaHealing® class as another modality to add to what I already do as a Reiki Master.  I was just blown away with what I learned in this 3 day class.  Little did I know that a lot of the healing would be for myself, along with learning how to heal others.  After taking the Basic ThetaHealing® class, I knew I had to take the Advanced class.  Again, more healing for me, and more healing to learn to help others.

Diana has such a special gift of teaching that allows you to grasp the knowledge and run with it.  Diana makes learning fun, with laughter and stories of inspiration.  These ThetaHealing® classes have been such a blessing to my life that I knew I wanted my son Jordan to take it, knowing how much it would help him.  Jordan took the class and was so happy to receive the gifted teachings from Diana also.  

If anyone wants to heal their own life, this class is a must.  If you want to help heal others, that's an additional blessing to be able to help family, friends and the world.  Once again, I'm very grateful to have not only been able to meet Diana Palm, but to be able to have taken classes from this very gifted woman have just been an extra blessing from above.  With love and light,"

- Dee Sheffield, Las Vegas

"I have literally waited all my life to meet Diana Palm.  I just never knew it until I became her student.  She has exposed me to an entirely different universe inside myself that I never knew existed and it has changed my life forever.  When someone can affect you that profoundly they become your mentor.  That's exactly how I would describe the impact Diana's courses and teaching have had on my life.

My entire life has been filled with service to others but I've always felt something was missing.  There was never the sense that I was whole and even my periods of happiness and "good luck" were always short lived.  Satisfaction was elusive and life was taking it's toll on me.  As a result of a crippling divorce I began having disabling panic attacks as well as overwhelming empathetic symptoms of friends and relatives.

I tried ever mental health modality that fit my multitude of symptoms because as a nurse, I knew the worst case scenario.  What I hadn't counted on was that most if not everything could be explained from a metaphysical perspective.  So, I began a year worth of seeking out meditation and metaphysical classes with different teachers.  I finally started to feel some semblance of peace.  What really alluded me was the science that cohesively tied everything together.  That's when I met Diana.

I would like to say it was purely by accident but we all know that there is purpose in everything we do and our meeting was no exception.  It was amazing how, when I began taking her courses in Mediumship, Scrying and ThetaHealing® that my life changed dramatically.  I had thought my son was the only one in our family who was intuitive.  I was wrong.  Not only have all my panic attacks ceased but I'm able to heal myself as well as my friends and relatives.  Above all, I'm truly more happy than I've ever been in my life.

Diana's style of instruction is totally hands on and she makes you feel safe to explore the inner and the outer universe, freely without inhibitions.  She encourages you to push your personal boundaries and question the world around you.  Her passion and joy just explodes every time your around her and she is quite knowledgeable about her subject matter.  One of the benefits of having a psychic instructor is that she intuitively knows the best way to reach her students and isn't afraid of being non-conventional.  My confidence is now through the roof and I can't wait to take her next class, Advanced DNA ThetaHealing®.  I can only hope that one day I can become as phenomenal an instructor as my mentor, Diana Palm.

Thank you from the top of my crown chakra!"

-Vicki Herb, Fort Myers

“I recently took the Basic Theta Healing class taught by Diana.  My experience is difficult to describe because I have never been so excited about a modality in my life!  I have taken Silvia Mind Control, angel workshops, pendulum seminars, Soul Trauma Healing, Teachings of the INNER Christ, as well as Reiki and many others in my 50 plus years of awakened journey. Theta Healing cuts through it all right to the source, and what a perfect channel Diana is to deliver it!!  Immediately committed to her Advanced course!!  Thank you Diana for bringing the Bright Light!"

-Sandee Shea, Florida 

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